Field Trips with group rotations are held Monday-Friday during the mornings with some availability for scheduled trips after lunch hours, too.  Groups (15 people or more) are also welcome during our public hours but will have “free-reins” of all activities.

We strive to make the field trip experience tailored to the age group and an educational, fun but structured, adventure.  Each season brings about the usual PPP field trip traditions and new surprises with 2018 living up to those expectations. The trips consist of “stations” that the teacher and his/her class will 

Field Trip 411

experience together, yet segregated from the other teachers and their respective classes/groups. The duration of each “station” is 15-20 minutes.  PPP staff members will lead each class from station to station and assist with the fluidity of the rotations. Each visiting school should have one teacher who is designated to be the contact person. Upon arrival to the patch on the scheduled trip date, that contact person is expected to see Liz Parrish to handle payment, answer any questions, and coordinate the welcome and beginning of the trip experience.

On many days there are multiple school groups at PPP.  These arrangements are made to try and accommodate all field trip requests.  The comfortable capacity at PPP is 175 max which includes students and adults  Due to field trip request demands, schools are asked to assist PPP staff with coordinating arrival times so that each school’s trip can start simultaneously with any other schools that are scheduled for the same day.  This can be a challenge, but every attempt is made to schedule schools with very similar age groups and distance from school to PPP taken into consideration. Please note that field trips are scheduled year-round and on a first-come first-served basis.

At the conclusion of the scheduled activities, schools may stay and eat lunch on the farm.  PPP provides picnic tables, straw bales, and ground seating on the premises. Teachers and chaperones are encouraged to bring quilts, tarps, etc. so that everyone can spread out comfortably.  If an afternoon field trip is scheduled, the morning group/s will be notified in advance so that parking and prep will not overlap between the morning versus afternoon groups.

(Groups 50 or more)
Field Trip Admission:

  • $8 student, $7 adult chaperone (both will include a field trip pumpkin)

                    *Upon arrival to PPP, Adult Chaperones’ admission must

                  be included with student admission payment and handled by a designated Teacher or (1)  

                  Group Leader designated by a teacher. THANK YOU.

  • No Charge Faculty/Staff *each grade level teacher may choose (1) complimentary, medium sized pumpkin to take back to his/her classroom

Party Events:

  • The same $8 admission applies ($1 off general admission and includes a pumpkin) for parties of 50 or more.

(Groups 20-49)
For Field Trips:
If your group is less than 50, we will make every attempt to try and “double you up” with another group less than 50 thereby qualifying each group for 50 or more perks/pricing.

For Party Events:
General/Public Admission prices apply ($9 per person ages 3 and up) but field trip pumpkins are included per person.

We are happy to offer $8 per person - no field trip pumpkin included.  Please contact us to make arrangements and reserve a space.

Please note:  We have a cap of $300 for party groups that fall in this range, so if your number of guests (all ages 3 and up) x the admission per person exceeds $300,  you will not be charged for the overage.

Please Note: If your group would like to attend during our weekday or weekend public hours, the field trip policy as noted above applies, however, activities will be self-guided. Structured field trips with station rotations, are exclusive to M-F mornings/after lunch and must be scheduled and added to our field trip calendar.

Please refer to our field trip Calendar for availability & use our Field Trip Request Form to submit your request for a visit.  You may also email

2019 Field Trip Pricing