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Q & A

Q - “Do you milk your jersey cows and nannie goats?”
A - No
Q - “Why not?”
A - Because PPP is all-consuming and although each & every animal on the farm receives undivided attention, priorities lie with running three businesses that the family manages.  

Q - “What purpose do these farm animals serve?”
A - To be spoiled and provide the Parrish family and visitors to the farm a glance at farm animals in a free-range, healthy, loving, and co-existing environment.  

Q - “Do all the animals eat the corn grown on the farm?”
A - Yes, after the corn has been ground in the feed grinder, those in the pasture do as a supplement to the grass they graze in the Spring, Summer, and Fall plus hay in the Winter months.  The chickens love it too, along with the chicken feed they are given year-round that promotes egg laying.  All of the animals love vegetable scraps, too.   

Q - “How many eggs do the chickens lay a week”
A - On  average and when the 7 girls are in their happy place (let them out of the henhouse regularly to spread their wings!) around half-dozen a day.

Q - “Any kittens at PPP this October?”
A - Actually, Not!

Q - “When did Buford the Frenchie become part of the family?”
A - Eli and Liz got him together for their March birthdays and Buford is helping Jeff and Liz fill a void with aging children moving away from home.

Q - “Where are the other two dogs, Rodney & Lolly?”

A - Rodney is cranky around the pumpkin patch crowds, and is now 10 years old.  Lolly doesn’t like to leave Rodney’s side and in everyone’s best interest including theirs, they don’t roam around the farm while the patch is open for business.  


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