Caroline & Rachel Moore

2018 Weekend Staff (& cousins of the Parrish family)
Seniors at Kenston Forest School

Abby Tomlinson

2018 PPP Weekend Staff
Abby is a Sophomore at Central High School.

Taylour Edmonds

Former PPP Intern (2015)
SVCC 2016 Agribusiness Graduate

Casey Early

​2017 SVCC Agribusiness Student Intern at PPP

Brittany Tomlinson

​2018 Weekend Staff (& girlfriend of Cary Parrish)
Freshman at SVCC pursuing Nursing

Jackson Parsons

2018 Weekend Staff (& cousin of the Parrish family)
Freshman at SVCC pursuing Engineering

Taylor Robbins​​ 

2018 Weekend Staff

Audio/Visual & Technology

2018 Fall Graduate at Regent University with
​Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems

Wade Bagley

Former Field Trip Staff (2016)
2018 PPP Weekend Staff

SVCC Agribusiness Graduate

Kelli Haizlip

2016 PPP Field Trip Intern

​​​Caitlin & Will Daniel 

2018 Field Trip & (Occasional Weekend) Staff
Caitlin: Current SVCC Agribusiness Student

2018 SVCC Agribusiness Student Intern at PPP

Will:  2016 SVCC Agribusiness Graduate

and Former Staff at PPP

Meet the Staff

Luke Daniel

2018 PPP Weekend Staff
Luke is a Senior at Central High School.

PPP is very proud of their staff which includes Jeff & Liz’s faithful and priceless parents and three children, SVCC Agribusiness student interns that solely work when their school schedule allows them to for field trip days and some weekends, and enthusiastic, young adults on all weekends during the season.  There are no current openings but if interested in future employment or the Agribusiness internship opportunity, please email any inquiries to