The Parrish Family

Jeff, Liz, Cary, Vayda, and Eli

For fun, here are a few of their fav-o-rite things…..

JEFF - Red Oak beer, wife’s cooking, homegrown garden vegetables, daily dose of peanuts, air conditioning, flying, Yankees baseball, most anything wife and kids are into, watching a Parrish pumpkin plant grow, family traditions, & living where ancestors did and continuing to be a resident of Dundas.

LIZ - dogs, summer vegetable canning, Virginia wine, watching PBS, QVC, and old game shows, oysters, jelly bellys, ice cream, beet salads, chips and salsa, reading newspapers & magazines, listening to WFLO, daffodils, snowfalls, hanging clothes on the clothesline, & listening to her favorite music turned up loud.

ELI - Horsepower, Dundas, Mack trucks, 4 seam heat, Slow pitch softball, tractors, Red Wing boots, mesh back hats, Lake Gaston, straight planted rows of corn, conversations with all walks of life, and VT.

CARY - Yankees baseball, Aaron Judge, golf, VT football, Kraft mac & cheese, chocolate chess pie, Stranger Things, The Office, Kenny Chesney, DJ’ing, movies, and all music genres.  

VAYDA - musical theater, front porch swinging, iced coffee, Yankees baseball. Dundas sunsets, William & Mary, reading on rainy days, Jeopardy!, state capitals, champagne, Broadway history, editorial writing, autumn, nighttime jazz, NYC, church camp, hot lemon water, train rides, kayaking, oysters, & boutique hotels.

Wayne and Joan Parrish

We love and appreciate our invaluable parents!

Established in 2009, the Parrish Pumpkin Patch venture has evolved into a successful, seasonal business that the family takes great pride in.  Jeff and Liz have lived on their 58-acre farm for 24 years, where Jeff’s dad, Wayne, was born, raised and after marrying Joan, operated a dairy farm.  Parrishes5 is made up of Jeff the patricach, Liz the matriarch, Eli the eldest son, a HOKIE, majoring in Crop and Soil Science, Cary the “golden child” as often referred to and following in El’s footsteps as a first-year community college student majoring in Agribusiness, and Vayda, the William & Mary English major grad who lives and works in New York City. Each plays a vital role in making their farm have such charm.

The family's favorite part of the May-November process is the PEOPLE they encounter along the journey; their supporters and staff, returning faithfuls and all of the newcomers, young and old.  But especially, the gratification

Carol Watson

felt by being able to run the business at their farm, where at the end of each draining day, they can take a short walk to the back door of their humble abode, and crash.  

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