Our Pumpkins

Ever noticed the Parrish family‚Äôs car license plate - QCURBIT? Phonetically pronounced kyoo-kur-bit and properly spelled Cucurbit, this weird word is noun that means:  any plant of the gourd family.

Pumpkins,  squash,  and  gourds are members of the enormously

diverse   Cucurbitaceae   family,  which  contains  more  than  100

genera and over 700 species.  They have been providing mankind

with food and utilitarian objects since before recorded history.  

Autumn is prime time for pumpkins and squash, the edible and

ornamental members of the Cucurbitaceae plant family.   

For the 2019 season, the Parrishes are working diligently to have a bumper crop of all their selected 25 varieties which include different decorative gourds and ones used for ammo with the popular pasture slingshot , a variety of heirloom & other unique pumpkins including winter squash (for baking, carving, etc.) and giant sized ones for curiosity.

All cucurbit sales are graded by variety, size, and priced from:

3 for $1 gourds - $25/$35 for the whopper pumpkins which could go up in price if size does too by harvest time. (all other price ranges in between and will be conspicuously marked)